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Responsible Forest Raw Material Purchasing Policy

In order to perform the social responsibility of protecting the environment,promote the sustainable development of forest resources, manufacture secure and green-source wooden products, and make consumers satisfied, Suzhou haonuo wood Co., Ltd fully supports the responsible forest products.

Haonuo wood Co.,Ltd is committed to the responsible purchasing of forest products. Our long-term intention is to source all forest products that we purchase or specify from well-managed forests that have been certified to credible certification standards.


This commitment will be realized through a stepwise approach to responsible purchasing that utilize the best available techniques and information.


Haonuo wood Co., Ltd will not knowingly source forest products from:

*   Forests or forest product suppliers that do not comply with all relevant national legislation and international agreement such as CITES relating to the trade in forest products.

*   High-conservation-value forests where these are recognized nationally or regionally, unless these forests are progressing towards credible forest certification in a time-bound, step wise and transparent manner.

*   Protected areas, parks or similar areas where harvesting operations are not complementary to responsible forest management.

*   Forests which are currently being converted to other land uses, or forests that have recently been converted and which cannot be credibly certified in the future.

*   Forests which are in areas of armed conflict or civil unrest where there is a direct relationship between the forest products trade and the funding of such conflicts.

*   Forests where there are significant unresolved local conflicts concerning long term tenure or use rights to the land and forest

*   Plantations which are using Genetically Modified trees.


To ensure that these goals are achieved this company will:

*   Scrutinise suppliers of forest products and their purchasing channels; revalue the suppliers’ qualification and pick up the best out of them every 6 months.

* Make more effective communications with suppliers and ask for relevant documents or records of legality when purchasing, to ensure that they can be traced back to the forest origins

* Set up a custody system following the FSC pattern to ensure tracking of wood through processing;

*   Work with and encourage suppliers and forest sources that are actively engaged in a process of time-bound, transparent, stepwise commitment to credible certification during 3-4 years.

* Set five-year targets regarding our performance so as to realize the entirely legal purchase.

We will not involved in illegal logging, and refused to buy timber from illegal logging to the best of our ability. We will work with our suppliers to ensure that all the forest products source from the areas where forest logging operations are responsible and certificated. We undertake that our percentage of responsible purchasing will increase step by step in two years.


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